Pedro Gete

Prof. Gete’s research focuses on credit markets with applications to topics including Real Estate, Finance, International Economics, and Macroeconomics. He has both developed new models and conducted empirical work. He has published at the leading academic journals and presented at the top universities and conferences. He also participates in professional conferences that connect academics and practitioners. His research is related to policy questions, and he often interacts with policy institutions, such as Central Banks, International Organisations, and Regulators of Financial and Real Estate Markets.

Prof. Gete has taught at the Chicago-Booth Business School, Georgetown University, IE Business School, and at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He has a flexible approach to teaching, in which he tailors each course to his particular audience. That said, some characteristics that are present in all of his courses include his passion for teaching and his encouragement of students to apply concepts in novel scenarios. He firmly believes that understanding leads to creativity.