Christos Cabolis
Chief Economist
Christos Cabolis is the IMD World Competitiveness Center’s Chief Economist and Head of Operations and Adjunct Professor of Economics and Competitiveness at IMD.
Paul Whelan
Associate Professor
Paul Whelan is an associate professor of Finance at CUHK Business School.
Francesco Vallascas
Francesco joined Durham in June 2020. Prior to this and since 2013, Francesco was Chair in Banking in the Accounting and Finance Division at the University of Leeds.
Konstantinos Stathopoulos
Konstantinos is a corporate governance scholar. He holds a Chair in Accounting and Finance at AMBS since 2015.
Esfandiar Maasoumi
Maasoumi is considered by some as an intellectual leader of the Empirical/Statistical “Income Inequality” literature, with influential works on multidimensional well-being, mobility, and poverty.
Flora Kuang
Yu (Flora) Kuang is Professor of Accounting at the University of Melbourne. She earned her PhD in Accounting from Tilburg University.
Bin Ke
Dr. Ke is a Professor of Accounting and Provost’s Chair at the NUS Business School since 2015.
Marios Panayides
Associate Professor
Marios Panayides holds the position of Associate Professor of Finance within the Finance division at the University of Oklahoma.
Hercules Haralambides
Since 1992, Hercules Haralambides is Professor of Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL), having taught at 9 universities.
Photis Panayides
Photis M. Panayidesis Professor in Shipping and Maritime Economics at the Cyprus University of Technology and Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics.