Carlo Sala

Carlo Sala is an assistant professor of Finance at the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting at ESADE Business School. Carlo holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the Swiss Finance Institute (SFI) obtained at the University of Lugano (Switzerland) under the supervision of Professor Barone Adesi.

In the recent years he has been invited as a visiting researcher at the University of Oxford (UK), University of Oslo (Norway), the University of New South Wales (Australia), the University of Milano Bicocca (Italy) and Aalto Business School (Finland).

His research and publications focus on option pricing, risk management, econometrics and mathematical finance. Carlo has published different articles on the estimation of the physical and risk-neutral measures, and the related pricing kernel. More precisely he has knowledges on the estimation of both measures using either stock or option market data, or a combination of the two. His research shows how to use these measures for risk management, asset pricing, detection of market inefficiencies and portfolio optimisation.

At ESADE, Carlo is the professor of Derivatives (master), Asset pricing (master and bachelor), Continuous and discrete pricing in finance (Ph.D.) and Fintech (Executive education). Previously he was the Teaching Assistant of Derivatives (Master), Advanced Derivatives (Master) and Behavioural finance (Ph.D.) at the University of Lugano.

Carlo also worked as a private consultant in the risk management sector. Among others, he designed and built a CDS-based ad-hoc risk model for the Milan branch of the international fund CO.MO.I. Previously he worked as a consultant for the financial markets at Accenture, and then as a pricing analyst for the European gas and power market.