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Ayia Napa is located near Cape Greco in the eastern part of Cyprus, south of Famagusta and is part of the Kokkinochoria area. Ayia Napa belongs to the Famagusta District. It is approximately 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) from Protaras, another well-known tourist destination.
Ayia Napa is Cyprus' largest tourist resort. In 2017, the resort welcomed 700,000 tourists and hosted 5 million overnight stays, accounting for around 30% of Cyprus' total overnight stays. Since the 2010s the city has aimed to enhance its tourist offerings. Their goal was to deter unruly groups of young tourists and transform into the ``best and most cosmopolitan tourist resort of the Mediterranean`` by 2030. Initiatives include closing problematic establishments since 2013, improving infrastructure, hotels, restaurants and introducing new facilities like a marina and an underwater museum. This vision aligns with the Cyprus Tourism Strategy of 2017, envisioning Ayia Napa as one of Europe's top three beach and nightclubbing holiday destinations, offering a superior beach and marine experience in Cyprus for young adults, complemented by international standard beach clubs and nightlife. The strategy aimed to enhance Ayia Napa's quality rating from 3.4/5 to 4.4/5. Furthermore, Ayia Napa earned recognition as a Prime City Destination from the Oxford Business Assembly. In 2018, it was honoured with the 'Flag of Europe' for investment and innovation attractiveness and the International Certificate of Excellence in Investment and Innovation (ICEII).

Greek is the most widely spoken language on the island, and it is the native language of the majority of the population. English is also widely used and understood, particularly in urban areas and in business and tourism contexts.


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Mediterranean climate - average temperatures of 34°C (in summer) Warm and dry long summers.

Legends and Tradition
Per local legend, a hunter pursuing prey found a Virgin Mary icon in a cave. A monastery was constructed around the cave, and the name Virgin Mary of Napa was later abbreviated to Ayia Napa. Another tale speaks of a Venetian noblewoman who fled parental objections to her commoner love interest, residing as a nun in the area. The Venetians established a church around 1500. According to local tradition, the region, excluding the monastery, remained uninhabited until around 1790. Nikolaos Kemitzis from Thessaloniki arrived from Greece and settled in the village of Panayia, situated in the north-eastern part of Ayia Napa, after facing conflicts with Ottoman authorities ruling Cyprus. Kemitzis chose to relocate near the Ayia Napa monastery.
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Travel Information

Cyprus is served by two International Airports; Larnaca International Airport, (LCA) and Paphos International Airport, (PFO). More than 50 International Airlines connect Cyprus to the whole world; for more details regarding flights to/from Cyprus, please visit the official website of both airports at www.hermesairports.com. Furthermore, domestic communication between both airports and all the major cities on the island is very quick and easy via an extensive highway system.

Please refer to the official page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs for open and closed points of entry to the Republic of Cyprus:


Please note that participants have the following options for their transfers from / to the airport:

Airport Taxis

Participants may get an airport taxi on arrival at the airport. Service is generally very good, but at times one may have to wait and prices may vary depending on the time of arrival.

Car rentals

Participants may opt to hire a car during their stay, and thus use it for their airport transfers.

Note: On arrival please proceed to the booth of ‘Astra Car Rental’ company and the staff there (present 24/7) will be able to assist you. You do not need a voucher. Simply mention your name and provide them with your driving license.

The booth of ‘Astra Car Rental’ Company is located at:
i. Larnaca Airport: after the exit Custom Formalities, opposite you, slightly to the left.
ii. Paphos Airport: opposite you as soon as you exit Custom Formalities

Please note that the Car Hire Daily Rates are valid for 24 hours. Each daily rental period starts from the moment that the car is picked up and is valid for 24 hours after that. In case that a car is kept for a period exceeding 24 hours then the renter will be charged for an additional day.

Cars picked up from either Larnaca or Paphos airports in Cyprus are subject to an Airport Charge of 20 Euro to be paid locally.

Please note that Cyprus has a comprehensive public bus network, with extensive inner-city routes and also major city and airport connections. You can find more information at https://www.cyprusbybus.com/. If you require specific information, please click here and select your desired city.

Larnaca Airport to Venue

Please note that currently, there is no direct bus service from Larnaca Airport to Paphos. However, you may follow the next steps:

Step 1: From Larnaca Airport use the Limassol Airport Express coaches in order to reach Limassol city (last bus stop “Saint George Havouzas” – shuttle bus stop). Please visit their webpage for more information and timetable: http://enlimassolairportexpress.eu/.
Step 2: Afterwards, use the Intercity Buses (green buses) to get to Paphos city (first bus stop “Pervola – Karavela”). Kindly note that intercity bus service does not operate frequently. Please visit their webpage for more information and drop off points: https://intercity-buses.com/en/.
Step 3: Use public bus to reach Harbour (Main Station). Afterwards, use the Paphos public buses to reach the hotel venue. Please visit their webpage at: https://www.pafosbuses.com/ for routes and timetables.
Paphos Airport to Venue

Use the public bus route 612 from Paphos Airport to reach Harbour Station.
Use the public bus route 603 to reach the Annabelle hotel
Please visit https://www.pafosbuses.com/ for more information and the timetable.

Reminder: You should apply for a visa in good time, in case of any delays during processing.

If you require a visa invitation or confirmation letter, please email us at info@easyconferences.eu.

As Cyprus is a candidate country bound to join the Schengen Area, Residents of non-EU countries who hold valid multiple-entry Schengen visas must first pass through a full Schengen member territory in order to utilize the visa in Cyprus. The Schengen Visa holder is allowed to travel to Cyprus directly from a Schengen member country without applying for a National Cypriot visa and stay in the Republic of Cyprus for the duration of their Schengen visa.

The above arrangements do not apply for persons holding a Turkish or Azerbaijani passport. If you are affected, please visit the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs website on how to apply for a Cyprus Visa.

For further information, please check the European Commission website regarding Schengen Visas.

Where Visas are being issued, Visas will be issued by all the Diplomatic Missions (Embassies and General Consulates) of the Republic of Cyprus, and by all the Honorary Consulates of the Republic of Cyprus abroad in their respective countries. Additionally visas can also be issued by the British High Commissions / Embassies in the following countries:


For the latest information please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

• The voltage on the island is 240 volts, socket outlets are of flat 3 pin-type (UK).
• English is the second language and is understood by almost everyone on the island. French, German,
• Russian, Spanish, Italian are also widely spoken.
• The currency of the Republic is the Euro.
• Banks in Cyprus open for the public from 08:30 to 13:30 midday, Monday to Friday. Certain banks in
• tourist areas open during the afternoon.
• All types of medication are available in well stocked pharmacies all over Cyprus.
• Telephone: Country code is +357. Cyprus automatic telephone dialing system reaches 206 countries.
• Telecards can be purchased from Post Offices, kiosks and souvenir shops.
• There are two international airports in Cyprus, at Larnaca and Pafos.
• The two main ports are in Limassol (Lemesos) and Larnaca.

Cyprus is a full member of the European Union.


Adams Beach Hotel & Spa

Adams Beach Hotel & Spa is right by the sandy beaches of Nissi Bay in Ayia Napa. You can see a great view of the Mediterranean Sea from there. The hotel offers many things like outdoor swimming pools, a tennis court and a spa.

The rooms in Adams Beach Hotel & Spa are decorated with warm colours and wooden furniture. All rooms have air conditioning, a TV with lots of channels and a private balcony. Some rooms even have amazing views of the sea.

Transport Information

Email: info@hermesairports.com

Local Call: 7777 8833 / Int. Call: +357 2512 3022

Visit Hermes Airports: https://www.hermesairports.com/

Email: info@publictransport.com.cy

Local Call: 1416

Ticket Fares: https://buff.ly/4bzttd5

Timetable: https://buff.ly/42DFolW

Visit Public Transport: https://www.publictransport.com.cy/

Email: info@intercity-buses.com

Local Call: 8000 7789

Timetable: https://intercity-buses.com/en/routes/

Visit Intercity Buses: https://intercity-buses.com/?wp=routes

More of Ayia Napa.
Ayia Napa offers abundant activities: sights, restaurants, nightlife, cafes, and accommodation. Ayia Napa has transformed from a fishing village into one of the top holiday destinations in the Mediterranean.